The Galapagos archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean, some 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador. It is one of the world's most unique and unspoiled ecosystems, renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity and fascinating geology.The Galapagos archipelago is made up of 18 main islands, as well as numerous smaller islands and islets. Each island has its own distinct landscape, from active volcanoes to white sand beaches and stunning rock formations. The archipelago is of volcanic origin, and its islands are the result of continuous volcanic activity over millions of years. Due to their ecological importance and scientific value, the Galapagos have been declared a national park and marine reserve. The archipelago is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Strict conservation measures are in place to preserve this fragile ecosystem, limiting visitor numbers and regulating human activities to minimize impact on the environment.The Galapagos are a true paradise for nature lovers and biodiversity enthusiasts. By visiting this extraordinary archipelago, travellers have the unique opportunity to discover spectacular landscapes, fascinating wildlife and contribute to the preservation of this remarkable ecosystem for future generations.

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